The Learning Coach Approach

For parents who worry that their child lacks a love of learning, or has been falling behind in a rigid “teach-to-the-test” classroom, here is an ultra-practical guide to help restore joy and independence to education. Linda Dobson is an educator and parent who has been at the forefront of the homeschooling boom. The Learning Coach, however, is not a homeschooling book, but rather a useful guide to honing in on children’s unique needs and inspiring them to learn. Her fresh approach, supported by current educational research, defies conventional wisdom by declaring that when it comes to learning, less is more: less pressure, more fun. Less scheduling, more free time. Dobson believes that success, in its many forms, results not by pushing children into activities but by creating an environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and curiosity. The role of the learning coach is to inspire and guide children’s experience to bring out their natural, unique “genius.”