Additional Services

The Loewenthal Company offers services for select authors who seek help beyond or in addition to the support they receive from an agent.

Editorial Collaboration

The Loewenthal Company offers intensive, collaborative editorial services for authors, especially experts in their fields who don’t yet have writing experience and who are seeking a writing or editing collaborator to develop book proposals and manuscripts. Linda’s years as an editor at publishing houses and her co-writing experience make her uniquely qualified to provide this service. Linda is selective about the authors she takes on for this service and may instead recommend an editorial collaborator more appropriate for that project. A flat fee would be negotiated on the basis of the author’s needs.


Business Consulting

The company also provides extensive strategic guidance and other business development services to authors and institutions who seek direction on how to design or hone their messaging and better reach their audiences. On behalf of these authors, Linda Loewenthal puts to use her three decades’ experience developing visions and plans for publishing and direct marketing businesses, as well as for authors with whom she has worked. A flat fee would be devised based on the author’s mission and goals.