The Loewenthal Company
Brooklyn, NY

For inquiries regarding international rights, please contact Linda Kaplan at

The Loewenthal Company does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

Editorial Collaboration Inquiries
For such inquiries, please send an email with a brief description of the project, your background, and five pages inserted into the email for review, as well as your reason for seeking editorial or writing support. Should the project seem like a good candidate for her services, Linda will get back to you in a timely manner via email with a request for a full manuscript or any available material. Once the pages are reviewed, she will let you know if she sees potential for a successful collaboration, and provide a vision for how that partnership would work, as well as fees and a schedule for completion.

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Business Consulting Services
Please send an email with a description of your project or company, as well as your mission and business challenge. Linda will be in touch in a timely manner to your request and a telephone conversation will be arranged.

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