The Beyond Addiction Workbook for Family and Friends

Evidence-Based Skills to Help a Loved One Make Positive Change

A practical and compassionate approach for helping your loved one change.

If you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol or other drugs, you may have feelings of frustration, anger, fear, or sadness. You may also feel powerless and unsure of how to help them, and how best to support them over time. You don’t have to try a “tough love” approach or wait for your loved one to “hit rock bottom” before taking action. You can be a force for positive change in your loved one’s life. This compassionate guide will show you how.

From the authors of Beyond Addiction, this healing and supportive workbook offers practical, evidence-based skills to help you address substance use or other compulsive behaviors with your loved one in a productive way—without creating conflict. You’ll also gain a greater understanding for their struggle, and learn essential strategies for improving communication and coping with your own feelings. Whether your loved one seems reluctant to change, or is actively seeking support, this workbook will give you the tools needed to help them on their journey.

Using the authors’ Invitation to Change approach, you’ll discover:

  • How to understand substance-using behaviors from a new perspective
  • How to approach the problem without judgment
  • How to open lines of communication How to set respectful limits
  • How to live with pain and still stay connected
  • How compassion is key to helping your loved one—and you!